Questions and Answers on General Agriculture

Questions and Answers on General Agriculture :

1. Question: How are sorghum seeds treated to control grain smut?

Answer: Sorghum seeds are treated with 300 mesh fine sulphur powder at a rate of 4 g/kg of seeds in a seed dressing drum.

2. Question: What is the treatment method for controlling ergot disease in pearlmillet seeds?

Answer: Pearlmillet seeds are treated with a 20% brine solution for approximately 10 minutes.

3. Question: How are paddy seeds treated to control blast disease?

Answer: Paddy seeds are treated with a 30% brine solution for about 10 minutes, and light and immature seeds floating on the surface are removed.

4. Question: What fungicide is used to treat groundnut seeds for diseases like wilt and tikka?

Answer: Groundnut seeds are treated with thiram at a rate of 5 g/kg of seed or carbendazim at a rate of 2.5 g/kg of seed.

5. Question: Which disease of cotton seeds is controlled by treating them with carbendazim at a rate of 2 g/kg of seed?

Answer: The treatment controls black arm and anthracnose disease of cotton seeds.

6. Question: What is the method used for avoiding entanglement of cotton seeds during sowing?

Answer: Two methods are used: cow dung paste method and acid delinting.

7. Question: How are coriander seeds prepared for sowing?

Answer: Coriander seeds are rubbed against a hard material with slight pressure to split them into two locules.

8. Question: What treatment is recommended for quick germination of lucerne seeds?

Answer: Lucerne seeds are beaten with a wooden pestle and mortar to loosen the seed coat.

9. Question: How are paddy seeds prepared for better germination?

Answer: Paddy seeds are soaked in fresh water for about 24 hours.

10. Question: What is the purpose of treating garlic cloves by separating them from bulbs with hand pressure?

Answer: This treatment aims to save the seed, ensure even germination, and provide enough space for individual plant development.


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