Agriculture Oneliner Part 2

Important Agriculture Oneliner :

In wheat crop crown root initiation (CRI) is the critical stage of irrigation.

In sorghum crop flowering and green feeling is the critical stage of irrigation.

In Maize crop tasselling to silking is the critical stage of irrigation.

In rice crop booting is the most critical stage of irrigation.

Agriculture Oneliner Part 2

Soil sickness is caused by linseed and Sorghum.

Lysimeter is used to determine the water requirement of the crop.

Castor crop belongs to family Euphorbiaceae, Also Cassava plants belong to same Family.

Father of green revolution is Dr.Norman Borlaug.

Father of green revolution in India is M.S. Swaminathan.

Father of green revolution in Maharashtra is Vasantrao Naik.

Succeeding crop in relay cropping is called as catch crop.

Relay cropping is sowing of crop before harvesting of succeeding crop.

Cation exchange capacity of clay soil is montmorillonite soil

And Anion exchange capacity of red soil is high. eg Kolinite soil.

In multistoried cropping system maximum utilization of space is possible.

All pulses fix atmospheric nitrogen except French bean.

Groundnut crop is also known as unpredictable legume.

Maize crop is called as miracle crop.

Metallic sound is a maturity index of sugarcane.

Netting is the maturity index of muskmelon.

Heavy dull sound is maturity index of Watermelon

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