Agriculture Oneliner Part 1

Important Oneliner Agriculture :

1. Gravimetric methode is use to determine measure accurate soil moisture.

2. Infiltration is the movement of water from the surface into the soil or Initial entry of water into the soil

3. Percolation is the downward movement of water through macro spores by Gravitational force.

4. Seepage is the horizontal flow of water into the soil.

5. Drainage is the removal of extra water from the field.

Agriculture Oneliner Part 1

6. Father of Green Revolution in India is Dr.M.S. Swaminathan.

7. POCRA Scheme : project on climate resilience agriculture, in Maharashtra which 25 district are under this scheme.

8. Karonda Is a rich source of iron,Fe.

9. Cowpea is also known and black Eye Pea.

10. Groundnut is a crop which have positive geotropic habit.

11. While tuberose and gladiolus have negative geotropic habit.

12. Tuberose is propagated by bulb.(TB)

13. Gladiolus which propagated by corns. (GC).

14. Sweet potato is propagated by vine cutting (वेल)

15. Taro leaves. Colocasia leaves. contain calcium oxalate.

16. Tamarind tree release more carbon dioxide.

17. Paraboiling is the process which is done in rice crop.

18. Mridula is a variety of pomegranate and Arka Mridula is variety of Guava.

19. Phule anardana is a variety of pomegranate which is rich in vitamin c and this pomegranate juice is useful for leprosy patient.

20. The pape and content in papaya is 72% (more protein).

21. Use of white Brinjal in regular diet which has benefited for diabetic patient.

22. Jamun seed powder also used for diabetic patient and it is also good for health.

23. Samrat is a variety of bottle gourd.

24. N-53 is a variety of Onion and This N is denote the N for Nashik.

25. Botanical Name of Sweet potato is Ipomoea batatas and it’s Family is Convolvulaceae.

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Agriculture Oneliner Part Four

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