Agriculture Oneliner Part 3

Agriculture Oneliner Part 3

1. What is the botanical name of mango ? Mangifera indica.

2. Family of Mango is Anacardiace.

3. What is the botanical name of banana ? Musa paradisca

4. What is the chromosome number of banana ? 33

5. Banana is propagated by sword suckers 3-4 months old.

6. Malic acid is present in Banana.

Climacteric fruits and non-climacteric fruits

7. Propping means giving support to plant and protect the bunch.

8. Desuckring removal of unwanted and surplus suckers from mother plant.

9. Mattacking means after harvesting pseudostem should be cut above ground 0.6 m ht. For nourishing the new plant.

10. Denavelling means removal of male bud after completion of female phase.

11. Acclimatization – to adjust external environmental conditions.

12. storage temp for banana is (13°C.).

13. WR-Sugmcane >Banana>Rice 2250-2500>1800-1500 > 1250.

14. Parthenocarpy present in Banana.

15. ethrel use for ripening purpose.

16. senescence means Aging of plant.

17. Fruit detach by Plant. (ABA) present

18. 2,4- D growth regulator less than 20 ppm/ weedicid >20 ppm.

19. Bunchy top of Banana – Aphids ( Pentalonia nigronervosa.

20. Certified seed is used by the farmers for commercial crop production.

21. Arrangement of soil particles is known as soil structure.

22. Vertical section cut downward through the soil is known as soil profile.

23. Nitrogen is taken by the plants in the form of nitrate but paddy, jute and potato tekken nitrogen in ammonical form.

24. Banana is a climacteric fruit.

25. Jute, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane etc are the cash crops.



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