Application of fertilizers to fruit crops

Demonstration on application of fertilizers to fruit crops 

Necessity of demonstration :

1. I had survey my village and from that I came to know that farmers are growing fruits from are there various needs.

2. Farmers grow fruit crops in farms as a main crop and also on bunds near the houses.

3. Farmers in my village not following the proper way to fertilize the fruit crops.

4. They even sometimes do not apply fertilizers to fruit crop to lack of proper knowledge and guidance.

5. Farmers not aware about the actual needs of fertilizers to fruit and fruit crops have various fertilizer recommended every year.

6. So I feel necessity to perform this application of fertilizer to fruit crop.

Demonstration on application of fertilizers to fruit crops

Objectives of demonstration :

1. To aware farmers about fertilizer requirement of fruit crop.

2. To aware peoples about how to give the fertilizer to fruit crop.

3. To acquire farmers with the doses of fertilizer should use.

4. To transfer knowledge of depth should be taken while giving fertilizer to fruit crop.

5. To convince farmers to give fertilizer to fruit crop and knowledge and advantage of it.

6. To teach farmers about importance of fertilizer application of fruit crop.

Planning and preparation of demonstration :

For the effective conduct of demonstration I took information about how to take this demonstration and its resources.
I am performing the demonstration application fertilizer to guava tree. I also pray for YouTube method of fertilizer application to guava tree and others. I choose ring method of fertilizer applications then I collected all the necessary information and required tools like spade, Sickle, fertilizer etc

Implementations of demonstration :

1. As the date time and place of the demonstration was fixed I get the all the farmers for conduct of demonstration.

2. I give introductory information to pharmace regarding name of demonstration and its need importance.

3. While doing the actual demonstration I explain farmers about the doses of fertilizers we are going to use and now should the dose very with the years what should be the depth and method.

4. I start digging a ring of 15 CM death and 30 cm away from the tree trunk.

5. With the help of kudali I dig the ring around the tree 30cm away from tree.

6. Then I apply some farm yard manual and 400 gram urea and other fertilizer in circular ring.

7. Then I cover the fertilizer using spade by soil.

8. Irrigation is given

9. Lastly I told the farmers about some other methods of fertilizer application to the fruit crop.

Farmers queries :

1. What is the purpose of ring method of fertilizer applications ?
Ans – due to ring method plant can absorb the nutrient from all the sides and the nutrients does not leaching out by this method.

2. What is the depth of ring ?
Ans – depth of ring is 12 cm

3. What fertilizers to be used for guava tree ?
Ans- for nitrogen source we use urea and for Phosphorus we use SSP.

4. Why the ring is 30 cm away from the trunk ?
Ans- roots of the tree are developed, roots are spread in all the direction there for the ring is away from the tree trunk.

Fulfillment of objectives :

1. Farmers understand different methods of application of fertilizer to fruit crop.

2. Also understood quantity and time for fertilizer application to fruit crop.

3. Farmers gate acknowledge about which type of fertilizer to be applied for the Orchard

4. They get clear knowledge about the ring method and fertilizer application by this demonstration.

Conclusion drawn :

1. Farmers understood the importance of using appropriate method of fertilizer application.

2. It was new technique to them they was satisfy by my demonstration.

3. Farmers came to know how to apply fertilizers.

Follow up the subject :

After the successfully conduct of demonstration farmers get well knowledge about this ring methods of fertilizer application to fruit crop today onward the farmers will adopt this methods and use it for fertilizing their food crops.

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