Cleaning and disinfection of cattle shed

Demonstration on cleaning and disinfection of cattle shed / animal Shelter

•Necessity of Demonstration –

1. cleaning disinfecting is imperative to maintain the well being & health of highly producing animals such as dairy cows.

2. This is especially in case of intensive modern housing, where high density & high productivity increase the infection pressure

3.Through Cleaning & adopted disinfection, we can help farmers to decrease the pathogen level,prevent the disease cycle.

4. Disinfection & cleaning. cattle-shed, which is helpful to kill the bacteria & hence farmers can follow the effective measure for Cleaning and disinfection.

5. To explain farmers about importance the of disinfection of cattleshed & Feel it necessary perform this demonstration.

Objectives of Demonstration :

1. To create awareness about cleaning & disinfection of cattleshed in order to decrease the pathogen level & break the disease cycle.

Cleaning and disinfection of cattle shed

2. To give knowledge & inform the farmers about different disinfection which are used in Cattleshed.

3. TO create awareness among the farmers about different disinfectants which are used in the Cattle-shed.

Planning & Preparation of Demonstration :-

1. A day before the conduction of demonstration, I went through the internet & collected information as much as possible about disinfection of cattle shed.

2. For effective demonstration & took guidance from our SMS. I also made sure about the types & quantity Of conc. of disinfectant to be utilized & the method of application, in the cattle shed along with the precautions to be taken.

3. wrote the Sequence of events & practiced
the demo accordingly.

Contacted the host Farmers & the villagers decided the date, place & time of Conduction of demonstration and prepared it.

Material Recquired :-

A. For cleaning

1. Dung collector.

2. plastic tub [Ghamda) to collect dung.

3. Broom

4. water

5. Bucket.

B. For disinfection
→ Sprayer
→ Disinfectant solution. [Like dettol conc. 51. phenol

Implementation of Demonstration.


1. For cleaning of cattleshed, Firstly I collected the dung from the Shed with the dung collector the dung in the ghamela which is & collected stored for compost & FYM preparation.

2. After I cleaned shed with the help of broom to remove to extra waste

3. Then, cleaning was done with the water
in a proper manner.


1. For the disinfection, chlorine powder & caustic Soda are very effective as they Cleaning agents.

2. But we have used the available disinfectants like dettol & phenol.

3. 5% Solution of phenol is used which is effective against bacteria, fungi & many viruses.

4. with the help of Sprayer, disinfectant is applied in the shed.

Precautions :

1. Do not harm the animal at the time of cleaning Wear with the mask during disinfecting the shed with Sprayer.

2. Use disinfectant in solutions at proper concentration

3. Feeding material of animal should be kept away from the disinfectant area for a day.

Animal Hygiene :-

1. The three main diseases with major economic signiFicance as mastitis, infertility & lameness, Two out of three have infectious component.

2. Using an adaptive disinfectant is essential for the control of These disease and consequently for profitability hygiene in very important for maintaining heath animal.

3. A detergent or disinfectant Solution On teats & cleaned with water or can be sprayed

Farmer’s queries:-

1. why phenol is used for disinfection of cattleshed?

Ans – Phenol is easily available & kill bacteria & Other Viruses.

2. Recommend Ottor disinfecting agents?

Ans -vikron-s, is an effective disinfectant.

3. How dung is used as organic organic manure?
Ans – Dung is used in preparation of FYM, which is used as organic manure in the field.

Fulfillment of objectives

1. As per the decided Scheduled time, demonstration was so Successful.

2. Farmers got Scientific knowledge about the proper cleaning & disinfecting. They got to know, how it is helpful for disease prevention.

Conclusion Drawn

1.There was scientific mindset of farmers while adopting method of cleaning & disinfection.

2.Farmers were satisfied with the demonstration.

3. The purpose of disinfection & choosing the disinfectant adopted to each scientific Situation leads to disease prevention postifolio dairy farm,

4.performance of demonstration was targeted & Success fully conducted.

Follow up of Demonstration-

Before the demonstration farmers were unaware about proper cleaning & disinfection of cattleshed & about the disinfectants, used.

After the demonstration, I observed that
farmers were satisfied to know the disinfecting procedure & concentration OF disinfectant used. Hence, they followed this proper method Of Disinfection of cattleshed.

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