Demonstration on clean milk production

Demonstration on clean milk production :


In our village most of the peoples are busy in livestock management, they are keeping cattle for Clean Milk production, manure, etc

Generally, village farmers use hands, for mixing which method was unproper & Unhygienic, and also farmers were Unaware about other Milking methods. So we took demonstration to aware about clean milk production.

Thus, we gave information to Milking methods such as,

Full Hand Method farmers about

knuckling method

stripping method

Machine milking Method

From above methods, We took demonstration on Machine milking method.

Objectives :

The objectives of Demonstration, are as follows,

1. To tell the farmers about importance of clean milk.
2. To aware the farmers about proper method of milking

3 To use proper Method of Milking, while in absence of proper Milking practices Milk can act as medium of spreading Bacterial & Other Micro-organism

4. To tell the farmers, if Milk is not Fit for human use, it is financial loss to producing farmer

Material Required :

Milking Machine

Mix can





we collected the information required & discuss it in the group. We collect the material needed and convey to farmers date, time and place for demonstration.


1. He had Visit to The dairy farm early in morning and gathered the farmers For conduction of demonstration.

2. Then, we introduce our self to farmers then told them Some information about clean milk production and Importance of clean Milk.

3. FirsHy, we clean up the shed where we were
going to conduct demonstration.we washed the utensils, Bucket, Machine can etc.

4. We clean Machine can & took up the Lake warm water for cleaning udder of cows.

5. We wash hands for Milking machinge Starting then, we go for adjusting Milking machine to udder of cow

6 We attached the machine to udder of cow
& observed the process.

7. The process took 5-6 minutes to total milking.

8. Then, we collected the milk from milking machine can to regular can, and gave regular can milk to marketing in village dairy.

Farmers questions :

1. Is there any chemical used to clean the Milking machine?
Yes, You can use Potassium permagnate solution for washing & cleaning the Milking Machine.

2. what is clean Milk?.
It refers to raw milk production obtained from healthy animals, that has been produced and handled under hygienic conditions.

3. If a person doesn’t having knowledge about Milking machine & If he set it in a wrong way, does it harms to Udder of animal ?
Yes, if the milking machine is not properly installed. Then their is harm of vessels and damage in the udder.

4. what are the Sources of Milk contamination?
Germs from animal’s skin can get in milk
The dairy animals udder can be infected mastitis)
Germs from environment.

Farmers Feedback :

The gathered farmers were thankful to us
For information given by us. The Farmers got the information about Milking Methods, proper
Use of Methods.

Farmers also asked us questions about Feeding standards & dosages of feed stuff to animals.

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