Demonstration on fodder treatment

Demonstration on fodder treatment 

Necessity of Demonstration-

Title: Demonstration on fodder treatment

Farmers don’t have guidance & information about Fodder treatment & this demonstration.

Also to increase the milk producing capacity, growth and maintaining health of animals, this demo is helpful to them, Hence we performed this demo.

Teaching aids used-

1. Guidance by SMS

2. Krushidarshani

3. poster charts.

Material Used :

1. Sugarcane straw

2. Urea 100 gm

3. Water 3-4 Lit

4. Jaggary

5. Salt 6 gm

6. Mineral Mixture.



1. To ensure nutrient rich dry Fodder for cattle throughout the year.

2. To enhance the quality of nutrients levels of
dry fodder.

3. To available easily digeatable & nutrients rich Fodder For the cattles.

4. To encourage the farmers for side business
as milk production with farming.

Tenchinal Information :

1. when urea is used for treatment of sugarcane straw to enhance the nutritional quality of Sugarcane Straw.

2. In terms of increased nitrogen content improved palatability & digestibility of straw. sugarcane

3. During the treatment process, ammonia is generated from urea, & in presence of water in forms the alkaline ammonium hydroxide.

4. It has been well established that alkall treatment makes the cell walls is better available For Fermentation in the rumen.

Procedure :

1. enrich 8-4 kg of Sugarcane straw. Dissolve loogm of urea in 3-4 Lit of water.

2. Add salt, Jaggery & Mineral mixture in it.

3. Spread a Polythene sheet on, the floor and spread Sugarcane straw I fodder equally on the Sheet.

4. Then on the spreaded Fodder, sprinkle the prepared mixture with the help of hand & mix well by Stirning the Fodder

5. After pouring the mixture over the entire Fodder, cover the Fodder with too paulin Or plastic sheet.

6. care Should be taken to ensure that no. Outside air water enters the fodder.

7. This Fodder should be kept in air tight condition for 20-21 days as it undergoes proper urea treatment

8. This Fodder Should be opened only after 21 and it’s heated sugarcane straw is ready days fifth for Feeding.

Care to be taken while Urea Treatment :

1. Provide complete Anaerobic condition For better reaction while stocking the treated sugarcane straw.

2. Do not increase the urea concentration, Use
recommended concentrated otherwise
increase toxicity in the Fodder.

3. Urea enriched Sugarcane paste, may be left in the open for 10 minutes prior to Feeding in order to remove the pungent odor. of ammonia.

Questions asked by Farmers-

1. Why treatment is necessary to dry fodder?
It improve quality of day fodder by treating with us urea to avoid wastage of fodder.

2. Can we feed this treated Sugarcane straw to all animals?
No, don’t give urea treated one calf pregnant animal fodder to young

3. Why Fermentation is Important?
Before fermentation dry Fodder have low nutrient value After treatment fodder enhances the nutritional Quality of fodder.

Farmers reaction-

Most of the farmers are not aware about the Fodder treatment & they don’t got any guidance about the fodder treatment.

After demonstration on the fodder treatment, purpose, importance Now, they understand the purpose and advantages of fodder treatment.

They are thanked to our group for conducting this demonstration.

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