Knowledge and utilization of apps in marketing of farm produce

Knowledge and utilization of apps in marketing of farm produce / processed products 

Necessity of demonstration :

1. As I survey my village I got that farmer of my village are not using the mobile.

2. Farmers were unaware about the apps and they have more queries regarding how to use apps.

3. This apps were too much helpful for farming and marketing of farm produce.

4. Farmers were unaware about the present actual market prices and sometimes they sold their local market prices.

5. To introduce farmer with this apps to solve their problems regarding marketing of farm produce through this apps.

6. So I feel necessity to conduct this useful demonstration.

Objectives of demonstration :

1. To introduce farmers with mobile apps in selling information regarding knowledge and utilization of apps in marketing of farm produce.

Knowledge and utilization of apps in marketing of farm produce

2. To solve farmer queries regarding how the apps are working.

3. To make farmers acknowledge for use of this apps

4. To get better revenue through this apps

5. To have a source of a market and farm produce

Planning and preparation :

1. In order to conduct this demonstration I took guidance from our rave SMS Sir prior to conduct I study all apps use and advantage of the this apps.

2. Also study about working of this apps and select this apps which will easy to handle by farmers.

3. The date time and place was fixed and I convey the same to farmers of my locality.

Material Required :

1. Mobile
2. Laptop
3. Internet connection
4. Banner
5. Table and chairs

Implementation :

1. Firstly I introduce farmer with my subject of demonstration and told them about how this apps will be useful for them in seeking marketing of farm produce.

2. I open Google Play Store Prior to that switch on the mobile data.

3. Search for market yard and then e-nam app in it.
4. Then install this two apps and explain to farmer to use and working of it.

5. I explain how the farmers get information regarding actual market price.

6. And also explain how farmers can directly market there from produced by neglecting the middle man.

Farmers questions :

1. What this apps will provide ?
Ans – this apps will give you all the information of actual market prices of various crops product and Agriculture information.

2. Can we sold our farm produce by this applications?
Ans – yes farmer can sold out their produced by this apps without any middleman.

3. Which apps should use for marketing of farm produce ?
Ans – e-NAM, Market Yard etc. Can be used for the marketing of produce.

Fulfillment of objectives :

1. Farmers gate introduce with mobile apps in seeking information of marketing of farm produce.

2. Now farmers will get better revenue after selling their produce at good market prices.

3. Farmers get a new sources of market for their farm produce by their own farms.

4. Queries of farmers are solved.

Marketsyard App :

1. As the name suggest it is online app for buyers and sellers.

2. The free Android apps allow farmers to free release their produce and allows potential sellers to go through them.

3. The buyer can a list the quantity as well as quality of the produce.

4. In the period of log down this app has help to farmers to sale and by their produce online.

e-NAM :

1. e-NAM is electronic trading portal.

2. This app provide better price discovery to produce.

3. It remove a symmetry between buyers and sellers.

4. It help in integration of APMC and network between apmcs across the country through common online market platform to faciliate on Pan India basis.

Conclusion drawn :

1. Farmers understand the working of different apps useful in marketing of farm produce.

2. It is a new platform for farmers to help their marketing produce.

3. Farmers will get their better revenue by this apps and will grow.

4. It will definitely help to farmers to improve their economic status.

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