National fruit of India Mango

National fruit of India: mango

Botanical name : Mangifera indica

Family : Anacardiacea

Mango is called as a national fruit of India.

Also called as king of fruits.

Fruit of mango is also called as drupp and stone.

Rasins is the toxic substances present in mango which is removing by method of disapping.

Mango is the richest source of vitamin A,

Spongy tissue in mango is due to convective heat.

For the control of fruit flies and stone weevil vapour heat treatment is recommended.

Among the all varieties chausa is the sweetest variety of mango.

For high density planting Amrapali varieties use which planting ratio is 2.5×2.5 m.sq. which accumulate nearly 1600 plants per hectare.

Sindhu is the seedless variety of mango (6% wt of seed)

Mango is Climacteric type of fruit.(Climacteric- The fruit which also ripe after the harvest or respiration rate is increases)

Other Important Point :

In black paper pollination is due to Rain drop.

Pink berry in grape is due to below 5 degree celcius temprature for 2-3 day.

Dull sound is Maturity index of watermelon.

Citrus group is non climacteric group.

Malic acid and oxalic acid which are present in leaves of chickpea.

Stratification is a chilling treatment.

Scarification is Roughing of seed.

Among the all pulse crops French bean only one pulsse do not fix atmospheric nitrogen

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