Preparation of bank proposal for host farmer

Demonstration on preparation of bank proposal for host farmer  

Necessity of demonstration

1. Credit is the basic need of farmer for expansion installation or adaptive new technology in agriculture.
2. At village level various banks provide loan facilities for the farmers as a short term loan or crop loan for medium term loan
3. Farmers take loan from the landlord or money lenders and this loan has very high interest
4. This demonstration will help farmers to understand the role of the bank and farmers are adopt to bank proposal.

Preparation of Bank Proposal for Host Farmer

Objectives :

1. To inform farmers about various objectives of bank loan which are designs specially for the farmers to grow.
2. To provide latest bank facility to the member of.
3. To acknowledge the farmer about preparation of bank proposal
4. To study working of financial institution like banks.
5. To supply the procedure to the follow for approval of loans
6. To give farmers information about necessary document for loan proposal.
7. Farmers the ease of filling Bank proposal for loan.
8. To aware about types of loans given by the banks for the farmers

Planning and preparation of demonstrate:

For effective conduction of demonstration I took guidance from our SMS Sir I ask her about the procedure to be conducted.
I took reference from the manual of economy and krishi Darshan we all gather at the bank and decided time and place.

Material used :
1. Application form
2. Pen

Implementation of demonstration :

1. As decided we all gather at schedule time and place.
2. I explain to them about bank proposal its need an important.


1. We visited banks present in my village.
2. The application form was given.
3. I prepared proposal for bank loan for host former discussing with him.
4. I verified all the documents attached to the bank proposal.
5. The bank manager verify the proposal and check all the necessary documents.

Sources of loan or credit :

1. Institutional commercial banks land development Bank original ruler bank and cooperative societies.
2. Non institutional like landlord relatives and traders etc.

Farmers queries:

1. What is the average period of loan ?
Ans – 15 days of application for loan proposal the proposal is appeared by banks.

2. What is the rep payment period of the loan ?
Ans – short term loan less than 1 year medium term loan 1 year to 5 years long term loan more than 5 years

3. Types of the loan provide by banks ?
Ans – home loans educational loans crop loans gold loan car loan bike loan etc

Fulfillment of objectives :

1. Farmer is satisfy and happy with my demonstration on preparation of bank proposal.
2. They got acknowledge about different types of loans its steps of sanctioning and repayment period.
3. They got proper information about the preparation of bank proposal.
4. They understand about which demonstration and documentation required.

Conclusion drawn :

1. I got more practical knowledge about agriculture investment and bank related agriculture.
2. Farmers were quite unaware about the banking process we help them about the procedure and they got all their curious.

Follow up :

Farmers realize the difference is of interest rate between banks and private money lenders.
They were satisfy with problem in bank proposals.

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