Soil Improvement Demonstrations

Soil Improvement Interventions /Demonstration


1. Demonstration on collection of soil samples, preferably using Geo Positioning System (GPS)

2. Demonstration on preparation of compost / FYM / NADEP

3. Demonstration on preparation of vermi-compost

4. Demonstration on green manuring

5. Demonstration on application of macro /micro nutrients by

observing symptoms on crops

6. Demonstration on application of fertilizers to fruit crops

7. Demonstration on recycling of organic matter

8. Group discussion on interpretation and application of Soil Health Card

Soil Improvement Interventions /Demonstration

9. Group discussion on Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) of major


10. Group discussion on role and importance of micro nutrients in crop


11. Group discussion on saline, alkaline, sodic, acidic, etc. problem soils and its reclamation

12. Group discussion on role of Bio-fertilizers in improving yields, saving fertilizers and soil health

13. Demonstration on quality control in fertilizers and judging

adulteration of fertilizers

14. Demonstration on preparation of multi-nutrients fertilizer

15. Demonstration on use of Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

16. Demonstration on judging suitability of water for irrigation

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